Varisu Box Office Collections Day 1, 2, 3 Report, Budget World Wise, Day Wise

Warisu Box Office Collections- Are you excited for Waarisu box office collection day? If so, you are not alone! The day is a huge celebration for all Warisu fans, and it is the perfect opportunity to show your support for the film. On this day, all the Warisu box office collections will be updated on the website, so you can see how successful the film has been so far. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just curious to know about the film, this is the day to watch Vaarisu box office collections. We hope you enjoy the update!

Thalapathy Vijay is all set to return and rule the big screen! Beast, which received mixed reviews from general audiences and critics last year, was the actor’s first acting role. However, he has started the new year well. Despite strong opposition from his two elder siblings, Vijay appears in the family drama Varisu, which follows the youngest son as he attempts to take over his father’s business empire. The popularity of the cast is the reason for the box office success of Waarisu. The film, which marked Vijay’s Telugu debut and was directed by Vamshi Paidipally, was released in both Tamil and Telugu.

Warisu Box Office Collections

Rashmika Mandanna, Sarath Kumar, Sham, Srikkanth and Jayasudha also act in the movie Waarisu Box Office Collections . In this entire article, we will be discussing the Waarisu box office collection along with many other topics. For more details, please scroll down. Yesterday (January 11), Vijay starrer “Varisu” opened theatrically and was a huge success. Owing to the huge fan turnout, the overall occupancy rate of the film is expected to be above 85%. In the home state “Thunivu”, which had a large screen presence, clashed with “Varisu” at the box office. On the other hand, Vijay’s film had a larger number of screens than Thunivu and thus earned more on its debut. Warisu performed better than the expectations on the first day at the box office.

Dil Raju and Sirish produce the film, which is being directed by Paidipally Vamshidhar Rao. It is the director’s first Tamil feature film. When Vijay’s film Thalapathy 66 was initially announced in September, it was titled Thalapathy 66, his 66th film in a lead role. The film, which is currently doing well, stars national crush Rashmika Mandanna. The actor is played by Vijay, a stage name for Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar. The film had earned 10 crores on the day of debut in theatres.

Warisu Box Office Collections

Warisu Box Office Collection Details

thunivu box office collection

On the second day, Thunivu made more money at the box office than Vaarisu. Both Varisu by Vijay and Thunivu by Ajith Kumar came out on the same day before the Pongal festival, igniting one of the biggest box office battles in the history of the Tamil film industry. Despite intense competition at the ticket counter, both the films managed to open strong at the Tamil Nadu box office. Trade sources claim that Thunivu box office collection for both the movies brought in Rs 42.5 crore on the opening day.

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Breaking a nine-year streak, both Ajith and Vijay’s films released simultaneously. Andhra Box Office, a website that tracks box office activity, posted the opening day revenue of Vaarisu and Thunivu on Twitter. According to his tweet, Ajith’s Thunivu box office collection earned 23 crores on the first day. On the other hand, Warisu earned 19.5 crores.

varisu collection first day collection

According to the reports, Varisu Collection First Day Collection earned Rs 26.5 crore in the Indian market, of which around 17 crore came from Tamil Nadu. The bookings for Vijay’s film look solid on the second day as most of the theaters are sold out. Warisu Collection First Day Collection started its count with impressive numbers. Waarisu box office collection is expected to exceed 100 billion on the third day, and the film may end up with a profit when the Pongal festival ends on January 18.

Warisu Box Office Collection Day 2

Since their respective personalities fought against each other for Waarisu box office collections for eight years, supporters of Ajith Kumar and Thalapathy Vijay were in trouble. Earlier in a video a police officer was seen using a lathi outside a theater in Chennai. However, considering that Day 2 is a working day, the drop in Warisu box office collection should not come as a surprise. With upcoming celebrations like Pongal, Lohri and Makar Sankranti, the Hindi and Tamil versions of the film should enthrall audiences across the country.

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heir state wise gross collection

Day Karnataka aptg Tamil Nadu Kerala Rest of India day total
day 1 [1st Wednesday] 5.6 crores 0.2 crore 20.1 crore 4.4 crores 1.1 crore 31.4 crores
second day [1st Thursday] 1.05 crore 0.05 crore 11.2 crores 0.8 crore 0.4 crore 13.5 crores
day 3 [1st Friday] 0.8 crore 0.25 crore 9.1 crore 0.6 crore 1.1 crore 11.85 crores
day 4 [1st Saturday] 1.6 crore 5.6 crores 11.2 crores 1.25 crores 1.9 crore 21.55 crores
day 5 [1st Sunday] 1.6 crore 5.3 crore 12.7 crores 1.6 crore 2.8 crore 24 crores
day 6 [1st Monday] 0.6 crore 4.9 crore 12.5 crores 0.7 crore 1.2 crore 19.9 crore
day 7 [1st Tuesday] 0.4 crore 3.9 crore 12.45 crores 0.55 crore 0.9 crore 18.2 crores
day 8 [2nd Wednesday] 0.35 crore 2.1 crore 4.65 crores 0.4 crore 0.7 crore 8.2 crores
day 9 [2nd Thursday] 0.25 crore 0.95 crore 3.05 crores 0.25 crore 0.55 crore 5.05 crores
week 1 gross 12.25 crores 23.25 crores 96.95 crores 10.55 crores 10.65 crores 153.65 crore
day 10 [2nd Friday] 0.25 crore 0.4 crore 3.28 crores 0.12 crore 0.8 crore 4.85 crores
day 11 [2nd Saturday] 0.45 crore 0.35 crore 6.05 crores 0.2 crore 0.6 crore 7.65 crores
day 12 [2nd Sunday] 0.5 crore 0.6 crore 7.8 crores 0.25 crore 0.9 crore 10.05 crores
day 13 [2nd Monday] 0.15 crore 0.25 crore 1.7 crore 0.1 crore 0.25 crore 2.45 crores
day 14 [2nd Tuesday] 0.1 crore 0.15 crore 1.4 crore 0.1 crore 0.2 crore 1.95 crores
day 15 [3rd Wednesday] 0.05 crore 0.05 crore 1.15 crores 0.05 crore 0.05 crore 1.35 crore
day 16 [3rd Thursday] 0.1 crore 0.1 crore 2.6 crore 0.1 crore 0.05 crore 2.95 crores
week 2 gross 1.6 crore 1.9 crore 23.98 crores 0.92 crore 2.85 crores 31.25 crores
day 17 [3rd Friday] 0.03 crore 0.07 crore 1.05 crore 0.05 crore 0.01 crore 1.21 crore
day 18 [3rd Saturday] 0.09 crore 0.14 crore 1.95 crores 0.07 crore 0.02 crore 2.27 crores
day 19 [3rd Sunday] 0.09 crore 0.17 crore 2.45 crores 0.09 crore 0.02 crore 2.82 crores
Total 14.06 crores 25.53 crores 126.38 crores 11.68 crores 13.55 crores 191.2 crores

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Varisu Box Office Collection Day Wise | all language

Day india net collection change(+/-)
day 1 [1st Wednesday] 26.7 crores [Ta: 26.7 Cr ] ,
second day [1st Thursday] 11.55 crores [Ta: 11.55 Cr ] -56.74%
day 3 [1st Friday] 10.1 crore [Ta: 9.4 Cr ; Hi: 0.7 Cr] -12.55%
day 4 [1st Saturday] 18.4 crores [Ta: 12.4 Cr ; Hi: 1.4 Cr; Te: 4.6 Cr] 82.18%
day 5 [1st Sunday] 20.5 crores [Ta: 14.55 Cr ; Hi: 1.55 Cr; Te: 4.4 Cr] 11.41%
day 6 [1st Monday] 17 crores [Ta: 12.2 Cr ; Hi: 0.7 Cr; Te: 4.1 Cr] -17.07%
day 7 [1st Tuesday] 15.55 crores [Ta: 11.75 Cr ; Hi: 0.6 Cr; Te: 3.2 Cr] -8.53%
day 8 [2nd Wednesday] 7 crores [Ta: 4.7 Cr ; Hi: 0.5 Cr; Te: 1.8 Cr] -54.98%
day 9 [2nd Thursday] 4.25 crores [Ta: 3.1 Cr ; Hi: 0.4 Cr; Te: 0.75 Cr] -39.29%
week 1 collection 131.05 crores [Ta: 106.35 Cr ; Hi: 5.85; Te: 18.85] ,
day 10 [2nd Friday] 4.15 crores [Ta: 3.2 Cr ; Hi: 0.6 Cr; Te: 0.35 Cr] -2.35%
day 11 [2nd Saturday] 6.55 crores [Ta: 5.8 Cr ; Hi: 0.45 Cr; Te: 0.3 Cr] 57.83%
day 12 [2nd Sunday] 8.55 crores [Ta: 7.5 Cr ; Hi: 0.55 Cr; Te: 0.5 Cr] 30.53%
day 13 [2nd Monday] 2.1 crore [Ta: 1.7 Cr ; Hi: 0.2 Cr; Te: 0.2 Cr] -75.44%
day 14 [2nd Tuesday] 1.65 crores [Ta: 1.38 Cr ; Hi: 0.15 Cr; Te: 0.12 Cr] -21.43%
day 15 [3rd Wednesday] 1.15 crores [Ta: 1.09 Cr ; Hi: 0.02 Cr; Te: 0.04 Cr] -30.30%
day 16 [3rd Thursday] 2.5 crores [Ta: 2.38 Cr ; Hi: 0.02 Cr; Te: 0.1 Cr] 117.39%
week 2 collection 26.65 crores [Ta: 23.05 Cr ; Hi: 1.99; Te: 1.61] -79.66%
day 17 [3rd Friday] 1.03 crore [Ta: 0.96 Cr ; Hi: 0.01 Cr; Te: 0.06 Cr] -58.80%
day 18 [3rd Saturday] 1.94 crore [Ta: 1.81 Cr ; Hi: 0.01 Cr; Te: 0.12 Cr] 88.35%
day 19 [3rd Sunday] 2.43 crores [Ta: 2.27 Cr ; Hi: 0.02 Cr; Te: 0.14 Cr] 25.26%
Total 163.1 crore [Ta: 134.44 Cr ; Hi: 7.88 Cr; Te: 20.78 Cr] ,

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thunivu budget and collections

Thunivu and Varisu, two of the most popular Tamil movies, faced off in a high-voltage battle yesterday, 11th January. Thalapathy Vijay stars as the former, which also stars Rashmika Mandanna, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha. Trivanu budget and collection is currently higher than Warisu. For the heist thriller Thunivu Budget & Collection, Ajith, director H Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor collaborated once again. The film also stars Manju Warrier, who plays a pivotal role. The film focuses on financial fraud and its massive impact on people and is primarily set inside a bank.

thunivu and varisu box office collection

In the early stages of the battle, Thunivu (23 cr gross) conquered the Vaarisu box office collection (19.5 cr gross). These are only guesses. Mostly because of better delivery! According to a tweet by Portal, the two are neck and neck in all red giant regions #arisu. Both Vaarisu and Thunivu were released on the same screens in Tamil Nadu. The premieres of both the highly anticipated films were scheduled for 1 pm with the screening starting at 1 pm, more details about Varisu box office collection will be available soon.

Warisu Box Office Collections FAQ

What is an heirloom collection?

Thalapathy Vijay’s film has earned a total of Rs 500 crore. 194 crore in India and Rs. 103 crores internationally.

Who is the box office king of Tamil Nadu?

Superstar Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay

Who is the mass hero in India?

Actor Ilaiah Thalapathy Vijay is an actor of Kollywood cinema.

What is box office break even?

If the film collects more than the break even mark, usually 20% goes back to the producer and 80% to the distributor.

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