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Ullu web series download vegamovies : Vegamovies also spread piracy by availing the link of web series and movies of Ullu and many other OTT platforms. To spread piracy is a crime and you can go to jail as well. Vegamovies website does have a collection of web series like Shahad season 1, Mom and Daughter season 1, Takk season 2, Walkman season 2, and Palang Tod Siskiyan available.

Shahad season 1 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

Shahad season 1 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

Shahad season 1 Ullu web series download from Vegamovies website starts with one man called Vijay who is going to his home from work. Vijay saw his mother who is not well and is suffering from a cold. Vijay asked his brother to call Sharad to call the doctor and told him we have to admit Mother to the hospital.

His mother asked him to get married because she wants to see her son getting married when she is alive. After some time Vijay got married to Savita and she is happy with daughter in law. Vijay told Savita that he wasn’t ready but did marry because of his mother. Sharad was talking to his friend and told him he is bored, his friend told him to go and watch the first night of Vijay and Savita.

He felt disgusting at first but later on, he went there. Sharad was studying in his room and Savita came. She asked for tea and Sharad said yes. On the same night again Sharad was looking at them from the hole in the wall. In his room, he was thinking that he also wants to do all those things. The next morning, Sharad was going to the market and Savita asked for fruits. Sharad told Savita while he was making her eat fruit that She came in her dreams every night.

Then Sharad got to know that all this was a dream. Again Sharad went there and saw that Savita was not satisfied by Vijay after that Sharad was not able to see Savita but Savita came from back and asked him what is he even doing there. Sharad tells Savita that he is just repairing the hole she asked to make. Savita told them to do it in the morning and Sharad went to his room.

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Mom and Daughter season 1 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

Mom and Daughter season 1 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

Mom and Daughter season 1 Ullu web series download from the Vegamovies website starts with one girl who was already in a relationship with one boy since last year she video-called her friend to ask for tips to maintain relationships and it does not break. Her friend told her to be physically active with him and do physical relationships on a video call and she asked to remove her clothes.

She did it. Then on the next screen, we can see her boyfriend who is already thinking about being in a physical relationship with his girlfriend. Suddenly his girlfriend is video-calling him. On the video call, his girlfriend told him that today her mother is coming to her house and she will make him meet her mother. The boyfriend said yes and that he would come to meet. While talking as well he was thinking about something else but in awkwardness, he said yes to meeting his mother.

After finishing the video call with his friend, one of his friends came and asked you look so happy today. Any particular reason? He said to his friend that today he is going to establish a physical relationship with his girlfriend. Next screen we can see that his girlfriend is trying on different clothes as they were about to meet and she decided to wear them. Suddenly her boyfriend came to the house.

When he came and after five minutes, the girlfriend got a call from her mother that she could not come today as she has some other work to do. She said that you don’t have time for me and hung up the call. They both were together in the room and were physically together. After that boyfriend came outside into the room and he was searching for something.

Meanwhile, he saw his mother and hides in the room. Unfortunately, his mother saw him and asked who are you and what are you doing here. My boyfriend said that I am her friend. Her mother thought at least someone was there to take care of her daughter. He said that he is a big fan of her and mostly watches her videos as well. Then he started touching her and trying to be physical with her.

They did everything because both of them could not control it. Her mother asked him to go before she woke up but he was talking on the phone and his girlfriend heard that he had a physical relationship with her mother. She broke up with him. She is crying and there the story ends.

vegamovies Takk season 2 Ullu web series download

Vegamovies Takk season 2 Ullu web series download

starts with Shaily taking his magic pills and cone to the house of his client called Mrs. Chopra. It is said that she is his client so he came to her house for the workout session but started doing make out with her.

They were together in the room and suddenly they heard some noise of breaking something. Looks like he has personal problems as he was reacting there like that. He left Mrs. Chopra’s house and went to see the doctor quickly. Seeing him in that condition, the doctor said that due to the high intensity of being in a physical relationship, you have a penile fracture.

By the doctor’s words, Shaily was thinking that his business was doing great due to that personal organ only and suddenly it is affecting so what will he do now? Moreover, he thought that people would laugh at him. The doctor said that this can be repaired by treatment and he started that treatment. By the time Shaily is recovering bc but he doesn’t have any energy or capacity to make any physical relationship now.

He told his friend that what happened with Santosh is also happening to him. The doctor asked Shaily not to take magic pills and without them, he is not able to do anything. His friend gave him condolences. The doctor advised Shaily to see a psychiatrist to eliminate anxiety. Mrs. Chopra canceled her membership in the gym.

Shaily is completely okay and started going to the gym but now he maintains distance from female clients and gives more attention to males. One girl tried to make out with him but she was not able to and cried. The boss said to Shaily that due to him, the clients are leaving. The boss gave me 3 months and gave me the notice to find another job.

Meneka was a psychiatrist and asked Shaily to meet her. They became friends and she helped him and his confidence came back. Both of them fell in love with each other. It was his last day but they made a plan together to stay in the gym and there the second part was over.

Download Ullu web series Walkman Season 2 Vegamovies

Download Ullu web series Walkman Season 2 Vegamovies

Roshni went outside by saying that she is not okay and her health is not good. Manoj doesn’t have any idea that she is just faking her health and Manoj took appointments with a doctor. Due to an appointment, Roshni has to go to see a doctor.

One unknown woman met there to Roshni and they were talking about the doctor. In the night, Manoj asked Roshni to go to her mother’s house because she is alone there and there is no one who can take care of her. Manoj told Chandan Roshni is not well. Chandan went to see her. By taking the cassette, he went to Manoj. By hearing that cassette, he started imagining. Manoj went outside for 2 days.

Saurabh came and when Roshni was hearing the next cassette she imagined Saurabh. Chandan got to know that Manoj cannot do anything. Rangila has cassette to Roshni. Roshni was listening to the cassette and started imagining Chandan and his wife.

Palang Tod Siskiyaan Season 2 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

Palang Tod Siskiyaan Season 2 Ullu web series download Vegamovies

starts with one housewife who is doing everything and helping father in-law as well. Her father-in-law was imagining bad things about daughter-in-law. Her husband went away for work and she is alone with father in law.

She was suspicious about the maid that she robbed money. She got to know that the maid did it and warned him. Some intimate relationships are also established between the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law. The maid was looking at her while she went for a bath. With father in law, she started a physical relationship and then with a maid. Her husband came back with one female maid and told her that from now on she will take care of her father.

Ullu subscriptions

Every Over The Top platform charges subscription fees in order to let the customer watch whatever they want to watch on the Ullu application. Their basic subscriptions are normal like other OTT platforms but sometimes they reduce the charges when there are some offers or something is going on. Below mentioned are their subscription fees of them.

time Indian Rupees
12 months INR 450
4 months INR 297
1 month INR 180
10 days INR 99
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Is the ULLU app legal?

It is totally legal to watch ULLU,

Can we watch free on ullu app?

You can watch most Ullu web series for free on the MX Player without a subscription

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