The best upcoming movies of 2023 (according to Stuff)

Last year may have brought us ElvisIn Multiverse Madness Everything everywhere at all timesInto a truly wild friendship Flute of Inisherin and the phenomenon of ‘it’s morbin’ time’. That’s not a patch on what we’ll have to wait for this year, though. That’s why you need our guide to the best upcoming movies coming to movie theaters and streaming services near you

From a plastic doll to a chocolatier’s origin story, here are the biggest movies of 2023 (in our opinion, at least).

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Fast X

Can you believe it’s been 22 years since Vin Diesel and company. First graced our screens with their testosterone-fueled, high-speed shenanigans? Did you ever think we’d reach 10 installments? We certainly didn’t. And yet, here we are, in 2023, with Fast X (aka, Fast & Furious 10), continues to explode our senses with more… car stuff.

Oscar worthy? Probably not. But there’s nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned, high-octane action to help you forget the stresses of the real world for a little while.

Release date: May 19


Thought the Gold Rush was limited to the states? Think again. Sisu follows the story of a Finnish prospector who quite literally finds gold in northern Finland. This guy arrives in the last days of World War II and, as a former commando, clearly deserves a huge payout. He soon learns that his army days are not behind him, when he must face a band of Nazis who have turned up and very Interested in taking that gold. Hints of gore, explosions and enough fake blood to fill Lake Saimaa. Coming from John Wick’s studio home, expect some golden fight scenes that probably aren’t for the squeamish.

Release date: May 26

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

‘What are we? really Need another Spider-Man?’ Many groaned when it was announced that the webslinger would be getting an animated outing in 2018. Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse. When we entered the Spider-Verse, though, we were treated to a dazzling, kaleidoscopic wonder of an animated film that breathed new life into the sometimes tiresome genre.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Once again follows the exploits of a young Miles Morales and his journey to defeat a multifaceted villainous entity. Expect jaw-dropping animation and voice acting talents from Daniel Kaluuya, Oscar Isaac, Issa Rae and more A grade talent.

Release date: June 2

Astroid City

Dust off your pastel colored suit, dig out that glockenspiel and start growing that pencil mustache because a new Wes Anderson movie is coming out. Asteroid City Follows residents of a fictional American town in the 1950s who stumble upon a world-ending event. You’d think it would be an asteroid, but who knows how Wes Anderson is prone to a few twists. Starring a typically bonkers cast including Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Willem Dafoe, Margot Robbie, and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, one would normally expect weird drama from them. Fantastic Mr. Fox director

Release date: June 16

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Harrison Ford *check note* is back for the fifth installment Indiana Jones Franchise, AI-driven, complete with face-youth magic so he looks exactly like his ’80s self.

Set in 1969, the film is set against the backdrop of the space race, as Jones tries to combat the resurgence of Nazism. The opening sequence takes place in 1944, so it’s de-aging technology. We also had high hopes for realistic results given the decades of footage available to help train the AI ​​system to do its job.

Release date: June 30


Movies really can change the world, and few times have that statement been truer than the news that Barbie is going to make her big screen debut in 2023. The world was momentarily united in joy as Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling rollerskated in Barbie dresses down Venice Beach. When the first trailer dropped, almost shot-for-shot entertainment 2001: A Space OdysseyWe collectively cried tears of joy at its famous ‘Dawn of Man’ scene. will power barbie Proof of everything we’ve ever wanted?

Probably not, but it would probably be a lot of fun. Director Greta Gerwig (little woman, Lady BirdWritten by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach (wedding story) and starring Robbie, Gosling, new doctor Nkuti Gatwa and Will Ferrell as Mattel CEO, barbie A gloriously self-aware ROM and looks set to be everything we’ve always wanted.

Release date: 21 July


Christopher Nolan is famous for eschewing CGI in favor of practical effects. He crashed a real Boeing 747 TenetFlip a real truck The Dark Knight And make a winding hallway for the beginning. Such is Nolan’s dedication to his craft, fans have joked that Nolan will film a real-life nuclear explosion for the upcoming biopic. Oppenheimer. exit, what is that Dunkirk Director didSomehow recreating nuclear explosions without using CGI.

We’ll have to wait until July to see how it looks on the big screen. But health and safety flaunting stunts aside, Oppenheimer Follows the life of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb and world destroyer. With a stellar cast including Cillian Murphy as Manhattan Project director Emily Blunt and Matt Damon and some of the best visual effects in the business, Oppenheimer Already set to be the biggest spectacle of the summer.

Release date: 21 July

Dune: Part Two

Best movies of 2023

Sequel to the critically-acclaimed fantasy blockbuster the hill Continuing the story of one of the most iconic sci-fi novels of all time, driven by a star-studded cast including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista and more. Expect more zany fashion, lots of sand, giant worms, and of course, an attempt to save the fate of the known universe. There is no pressure.

Release date: November 3



The last time Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix joined forces on the big screen, we got the Roman epic that was gladiator. This time around, Scott and Phoenix are telling an arguably even better story. That French war commander and wrongly labeled ‘short man’, Napoleon.

Napoleon Focus on the early years of the political leader’s rise to power as one of history’s most prominent figures. Certain details are known Napoleon Right now, but the film will be released on Apple TV+ sometime in 2023. Again, there is no trailer or poster for this Napoleon Just yet, so we hope the iconic scene above will suffice for now.

Release Date: 22 November 2023


The gritty origin story trope hit new levels of absurdity when it was announced Wonka Will hit cinemas in 2023 Wonka Turns out to be a mock comedian the joker? Or is he a Batman-like figure, a tortured soul who builds a chocolate empire [insert harrowing adolescent experience here]? But after the main announcement, the conspiracy started. who real Willy Wonka? How did he make his fortune? And how many people did he dispose of by encasing them in chocolate tubes or feeding them poisoned blueberries?

We will have to wait to get answers to those questions. But how to give This big budget musical includes a cast of Timothée Chalamet as the young chocolatier, Keegan-Michael Key, Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Colman and Sally Hawkins, Wonka Primed to be an origin story of grand proportions.

We don’t have a trailer Wonka Not yet, but we’ll be sure to update this article when that changes. For now, enjoy a Gene Wilder song.

Release date: December 15

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