Tajmahal 2 Release Date Cinemas, Story, Star Cast, When Will Be Release?

Taj Mahal 2 Release Date: The great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s love for his wife, domineering betrayal, action and death confront the court’s interest when he builds the largest monumental mausoleum ever built, the image of the Taj Mahal. The date of this film of Taj Mahal has been announced as 2 September 2022.

taj mahal 2 release date

Taj Mahal 2 release date will be 2nd September 2022. It was built by the 5th Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in 1631 in memory of his third but most favorite wife, actually a life partner Mumtaz Mahal, a Muslim Persian princess. After giving birth to her 13th child, she died in Burhanpur along with her husband in a campaign to crush a muni.

Taj Mahal 2 story line release

The story of Shah Jahan, the love of his life and the monument to his love, the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal 2 is a Kannada romantic drama action film produced and directed by Devaraj Kumar, starring Devaraj Kumar, Samruddhi, Mukesh Tiwari, Tabla Nani.Kaddipudi‘Chandru Vijay Vasu.

The Taj Mahal film is currently in the post production phase, and the filmmakers are looking at an announcement date of 2 September 2022. Talking to CE, Devaraj said that Taj Mahal 2 is the title of his film but it has no reference to R Chandru’s film Taj Mahal (2008). It is a romantic drama action and based on a real story which actually happened in Coimbatore.

The incident bothered me a lot, and I want to present it through Lintner Taj Mahal 2. The film, backed by Shree Gangambike Enterprises, stars Samruddhi Shukla in the lead female role. The film’s dialogues and lyrics are composed by Manvarshi Navalgund, and music is by Vikram Selva. Venus Murthy has handled the feature film for the Taj Mahal film.

Make-up artist-turned-filmmaker Devraj Kumar is ready to announce Taj Mahal 2, This will be Anushka’s fourth project after Danger Zone, Nishabd 2 and Anushka. Devraj Kumar has written the story and screenplay for this romantic drama actioner, which will also be his debut as a lead hero.

taj mahal 2 release date

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Taj Mahal 2 details released

movie name Taj Mahal 2
streaming partner TBA
release date 2 September 2022
produced by Gangambike Enterprises
article category Entertainment
mold Devraj Kumar


Tabla Nani

Vijay Vasu

Kadipudi Chandru

gym sun

Lakshmi Siddhaiya

director Devraj Kumar
Dialect Hindi

Taj Mahal 2 Official Trailer Released

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star cast

  • Devraj Kumar
  • Sobhraj
  • Tabla Nani
  • Vijay Vasu
  • Kadipudi Chandru
  • gym sun
  • Lakshmi Siddhaiya


The story moves with Shah Jahan, better known as Prince Khurram, when he is about 19 years old. Khurram was Jahangir’s favorite son whom Jahangir wanted to make as the future emperor of India with his wife Nur Jahan well aware of the fact. Nur Jahan was married once, but when her first husband died, Jahangir married her. Ladli Begum is the daughter of Nur Jahan from her first marriage. Nur Jahan is an intense woman who wants the best for herself and her daughter and has her heart set on Ladli Begum marrying Prince Khurram so that she will become the ruler of the Mughal family tree.

Khurram’s penchant for hunting takes him to a forest, and one day during a field game he meets Arjumand Bano. Their meeting was love at first sight, with Khurram captivated by Arjumand Banu’s neat hands and beauty, while Arjumand was impressed by Khurram’s noble nature. Arjumand is the daughter of Banu Asaf Khan (Aly Khan), the brother of Empress Nur Jahan. Khurram and Bano meet again together in Meena Bazaar, where both finally declare their love for each other. Ladli Begum comes to know about their love, but she continues to woo Prince Khurram. Nur Jahan sees this love as a break in her plans to make her daughter the future Empress of India and she succeeds in turning King Jahangir against her own son, Khurram.


Taj Mahal 2 is an upcoming Kannada film set to release on September 2, 2022. The film is directed by Devraj Kumar and will feature Devraj Kumar, Sobhraj, Tabla Nani and Kaddipudi Chandru as lead characters.

about the film

Bhagat is a low caste boy who runs a palm oil juice shop in his village. He is well educated and especially in maths. Spandana is the daughter of upper caste pub owner Rudrayya’s well. She asks Bhagath to give her tuition for maths. Slowly they fall in love and plan to move to Dubai.

How can I watch Taj Mahal 2?

So we can watch this movie Tajmahal 2 on telegram and cinema near you. You can watch this movie on your family members, friends and loved ones.

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