Shehzada Box Office Collection 2023 Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Earning Report, India & World Wide Budget

shehzada box office collection 2023- The commercial comedy starring Kartik Aaryan, Shehzada has taken a slow start at the box office. Shehzada box office collection surprisingly failed to live up to the potential of the original centre, despite early trends suggesting that the film would gross between $6.50 and 7.50 million on its opening day. PVR Cinepolis, INOX and three other national chains archived the film. Let’s see how much Karthik Aryan stars earn at the box office in the film. Today we are going to tell you about the box office earnings of Shahzada through this article.

Shehzada is one of those movies which people were waiting for a long time and it also made huge money at the box office. According to Shehzada Box Office Collection, the film has earned Rs 93 crore at the box office in just five days. Additionally, the film seems to be getting everyone’s approval, as evidenced by its record-breaking opening weekend earnings. Shehzada Box Office Collection says that the actor gave a great performance in this movie and the movie also had the best plot direction.

shehzada box office collection 2023

One of the movies that people were looking forward to watching this year was “Shehzada” and the movie has performed well at the box office as expected. The film had a great opening weekend at the box office earning Rs 93 crore in just five days. Everyone agrees that the actors of the film have done a great job and the plot and direction were good.

The movie “Shehzada” will do well at the box office and will be one of the best movies of the year. May the film continue to do well at the box office. It will be interesting to watch Shehzada box office collection in the coming weeks. The film’s popularity with moviegoers and the high level of critical acclaim it has received both contribute to the assurance that it will retain this status.

shehzada box office collection 2023

shehzada box office collection 2023 details

article title shehzada box office collection
release date 17 February 2023
Budget Rs 75 crore
first day box office collection 25 crores worldwide
running time 145 min.
Social class Entertainment
shehzada first day box office collection 6 to 8 crores nett in India

Shahzada Box Office Collection 2023 Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Earnings Report

Shehzada Day 1 (Friday) Earnings Report

“Shehzada” opened to a great start on its opening day. The film did well when it released in packed cinema halls across the country. 25 crores on the first day, it is a huge number for any film. The number is even more impressive considering the film released on a non-holiday day. The film performed well on its first day of release, garnering favorable reviews and a mixed response from the public.

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Shehzada Day 2 (Saturday) Earnings Report

There was a slight decrease in revenue on the second day. After its first two days in theatres, the film collected Rs. 45 crores, including the film’s earnings. 20 crores on the second day. Given that a Saturday is often a day when moviegoers are less likely to see movies than on a Friday, a decline in revenue was anticipated. Despite this, the film continued to do well at the box office, and positive reviews encouraged audiences to visit theatres.

Shehzada Day 3 (Sunday) Earnings Report

Because it was a weekend, “Shehzada” needed to perform well on the third day, which was also a weekend, in order to have a successful opening weekend. “Shehzada”, released on the third day, collected Rs. 30 crores, a total of Rs. 75 billion. Shehzada box office collection grew significantly on Sunday, which is a positive sign for the potential of the film in the future. The film has been a success, and the weekend box office earnings were exceptional.

Shehzada Day 4 (Monday) Earnings Report

Monday is usually an important day for any film as it shows the remaining strength and viewership of the film. Monday’s profit for “Shehzada” was agreed, coming in at Rs. one hundred million. Given that it was a weekday, low ticket sales of the film were to be expected, but it would still retain its position. The film grossed 85 crores in its first four days in theatres, which is a record for any film.

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Shehzada Day 5 (Tuesday) Earnings Report

The film earned 8 crores in theaters on its fifth day i.e. a shortfall of Rs 200 crores. 1 crore from the previous day’s earnings. Given that it was a weekday and the film had previously spent a successful opening weekend, a decline in revenue was to be expected. Despite this, the film has maintained its momentum and has earned a total of 93 crores at the box office in just five days. It shows that the film was a huge commercial hit.

shehzada box office collection release date

The evening before Shehzada’s release, a buy one, get one was made available. As a result, the number of visitors began to grow rapidly. Even though this national number locked the advance figure in the range of over 30,000 tickets, Shehzada box office earnings release date suggested that even 20,000 tickets would be difficult to achieve.

It is difficult to determine whether this offer can be extended to the second or third day, given that it is not valid for the second day. Due to this, the film restricted its growth on the second day. The festival of Mahashivratri falls on the second day of the film, as it is coming to the fore. Hence, it is also fair to say that the holiday season should see a rise in the collections of the film. The overall occupancy rate of Shehzada in Hindi on Friday, February 17, 2023 was 14.05 percent. Rohit Dhawan is in charge of directing the film Shehzada, and the production is handled by Geetha Arts, Haseen Creations T Series and Brett Films.


It has come to light in this blog that Shehzada was a great success on its opening day. The theaters were also well crowded, thus earning well. As per the Shehzada Day 1 (Friday) earnings report, it earned an unprecedented Rs 25 crore on its first day. The film received a lot of positive reviews and buzz under Shehzada box office earning which did good business.

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Shehzada Box Office Collection FAQ

What is the box office collection of Shehzada?

The film opened to a lukewarm response and earned Rs 6 crore on its first day of release. The film earned Rs 6.65 crore and Rs 7.35 crore on the second and third day respectively. The total collection now stands at Rs 22.70 crore.

What is the collection of Bhimla Nayak movie?

Bhimla Nayak was theatrically released on 25 February 2022 and opened to mixed reviews. The film grossed between ₹161–193 crore against a budget of over ₹70 crore.

Who is India’s number 1 film?

Dangal (2016) | Worldwide Gross Collection: Rs 1,924.7 crore. Aamir Khan’s Dangal sits at the top of the list as the highest-grossing Indian film of all time, almost 7 years after its release.

Is RRR a flop movie?

RRR recorded the highest opening-day earned by an Indian film. It emerged as the highest-grossing film in its home market of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, earning over ₹415 crore (US$52 million).

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