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One Way Release Date- It is an American action thriller film written by Ben Conway and helmed by Andrew Baird. Principal photography began in 2021. Movie actors Colson Baker, Kevin Bacon and Travis Fimmel. And this movie will be released on 2 September 2022.

one way release date

Following his clip as a crime boss, a badly damaged man escapes with an oilskin bag full of cash and drugs. After a bus is stopped in the California desert, he must devise a plan to escape from his pursuers. Onboard, he hatches a plan for the action drama and calls on the crew, his estranged father Kevin Bacon, and his ex-wife to help.

One Way Movie Information

movie name one way
streaming partner Apple TV
release date 2 September 2022
director Andrew Baird
article category Entertainment
starring (cast) Colson Baker

Kevin Bacon

Travis Fimmel

camp de mateo

storm reed

luis da silva

Rice Coiro

Megan Holder

Language English

story line

Badly injured and narrowly escape from the police, Freddy after the theft incident (Colson Baker) Running away with a duffle bag full of cash and coke. He doesn’t have much time left and will die even sooner if Vic, as was his crime boss whom he has just taken on, gets hold of him first. Chased through the streets of Downtown LA, Freddy makes a quick decision and hops on a Greyhound bus headed deep into California.

Onboard, he hatches a plan for the action drama and calls on the crew, his estranged father Kevin Bacon, and his ex-wife to help.

The clock is ticking as Vic and his retinue get closer to the bus. With life slipping through his fingers, Freddy comes face to face with his own demons and is left with precious few choices to make in order to keep up. There’s only one way to film.

one sided release date

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star cast

  • Colson Baker as Freddy
  • Kevin Bacon as Fred Snr.
  • Travis Fimmel as Will
  • Dream De Mateo as Victoria
  • Storm Reid as Rachel
  • Luis da Silva as JJ
  • Rhys Quiro as Coco
  • Megan Holder as Christine

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one way official trailer

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about one way

It would be announced on 21 October 2006 and was moderated by Retto Salimbeni. This picture is of 1 hour 56 minutes duration and is available in English language. Til Schweiger, Lauren Lee Smith, Sebastian Roberts, Stephanie von Pfetten, Michael Clarke Duncan, Art Hindle, Sonja Smits, Eric Roberts, Kenneth Welsh, Ned Bellamy, Jim Bowen, Steve Byers, Jorg Vincent Malotki, Mikael Persbrandt, Jessica Bohrs, Stella Stoker, Jennifer Stead, Alyssa Mulachery, Katie Keating and Sandra Hayes form the star cast of this picture. one way movie

enjoys a binge rating of 6.1 out of 10 points and is a good picture to watch in the Mystery, Crime & Suspense and Thriller genres.


One Way (N) is an action and crime picture announced 2 September 2022, This is the complete picture which is 01 hour, 36 minutes running time made in an unknown budget. Escaping with a bag full of cash after robbing him as a crime boss and a potentially fatal wound, Freddy staggered on a bus bound for the California desert. With his life slipping through his fingers, Freddy is left with little choice but to hold on. One Way Film received a rating of Not Available out of 10 at Topcount Film Ratings. One Way Movie MPA picture certification R: Restricted, under 17 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

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On September 11, 2020, it was announced that Colson Baker and Travis Fimmel had been cast in the film. On November 2, 2020, it was announced that Kevin Bacon had joined the cast.

How can I watch One Way Movie?

So we can watch this movie on online platform like Apple TV, VUDU or Vudu movie and TV store and in theaters near you.

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