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The Maidaan movie of Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Gajraj Rao, and Rudranil Ghosh has already been released in theaters on Jul 23, 2023, The director of the Maidaan movie is Amit Sharma. The type of movie is biographical sports and drama films. Producers of Maidaan movies are Zee Studios, Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta, and Akash Chawla.

The story of Maidaan is a true story of a person who was concerned with sports. First, it was about to be released in 2022 but first, it was delayed because of covid-19 pandemic, and second, it was delayed due to post-production works.

By seeing the trailer you can predict what will happen but what holds the customer back is how he gets the motivation to do things on his own and how he succeeded and whether it was easy for him or not.

Cast in the Maidan movies

Selection of the cast is a very important part of the movie because if the story is fantastic and can be a blockbuster movie but if the actor and actress in the movie are not good enough to make a movie blockbuster then it doesn’t make any sense . It is not necessary that the cast should be experienced and they have done multiple movies but it is important that how they are performing by saying dialogues, the pace of speaking dialogue, the facial expressions, hand movements, and many more things.

Moreover, it is important for crew members to select actors and actresses who can handle the situation very easily and can take a stand for themselves. Although if we talk about the star cast of the Maidaan movie then we have Ajay Devgn here who is quite experienced to perform the role of Syed Abdul Rahim who is famous for the football game. As a new character, we have Priyamani who has not done any big role in any other movie and is cast in Maidaan movie for the first time.

  • Ajay Devgan is Syed Abdul Rahim
  • Priyamani is Syed Abdul Rahim’s wife.
  • Nitanshi Goel is Syed Abdul Rahim’s daughter.
  • Aryan Bhowmik
  • Gajraj Rao
  • Rudranil Ghosh
  • Rohit Mondal
  • Rishabh Joshi
  • Diego Torres Kuri

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The movie Maidan was released in theaters on 23 June 2023. The story of the movie and the content shows the dedication of one person. You can say the desperation of the person towards the sports. The Production companies for the movie are Zee Studios and Bayview Projects. The cinematography of the movie was done by Tushar Kanti Ray.

Maidaan movie has been distributed by Zee Studios. The movie has been edited by Dev Rao Jadhav. The story of Maidaan has been written by Ritesh Shah. The screenplay of the Maidaan movie has been done by Saiwyn Quadras. The story of the Maidaan movie is by Akash Chawla, Arunava Joy Sengupta, and Saiwyn Quadras.

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The music of the Maidaan movie has been composed by AR Rahman. The movie Maidaan was about to release on Jun 23, 2020. Now the Maidaan movie’s final date is jun 23, 2023 on which it is said that it will be a blockbuster movie because Amit Sharma has directed the movie in a very nice way, and With his direction of him this is going to be one of the super movies for the year of 2023. It is said that when the movie got released.

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It is said that Ajay Devgn tried to release every film on a good day like an auspicious day or any festival day. The content and story of the Maidaan movie is showing the time of the golden era which is said from 1952 to 1962. The movie is going to represent the whole golden era in just 2 hours and 30 minutes.

You must know what sports it is going to be seen in the Maidaan movie but let me tell you that Syed Abdul Rahim sir was the best coach of football. It is said that the budget for the movie is INR 80 crores. The Maidaan movie is going to be released not only in India but also in all the other countries.

Maidaan movie reviews

It is said that Ajay Devgn is the Singham of Bollywood. The most awaited film of Singham of Bollywood Ajay Devgn is going to be seen as Syed Abdul Rahim. Since the audiences got to know that Maidaan is going to be released, people are mad and very much excited because every movie by Ajay Devgn is very classic and it has a standard. Plus it sets a bar for the other actors and directors as well because the film is one of the super hit movies of the year 2023.

In pan India, on 23 Jun 2023, the movie was released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages ​​so that everyone can watch the movie and know about the person on whom this movie has been made because if South Indian industry makes remake movie of Maidaan then it will be little bit defying people roast by saying that they have made copy paste movie so it is good that Maidaan is released in all languages ​​so people will not feel language barrier.

The lead role is Ajay Devgn and on the other hand, there are other actors as well who are playing roles. Moreover, producers have told good things about Ajay Devgn for performing very nicely in a movie and appreciated him a lot. Everyone has also said that this one of the best movies of Ajay Devgn because the content and story it represented was really charming and people just loved it.

Ajay Devgn said after releasing the movie that this movie is just now about the football game but it teaches many more things like sportsmanship, dedication, never give up attitude, positive attitude, use of the brain in the right direction, and many more things.

Furthermore, people are unaware of the golden era that happened with the sports industry at that time because nobody knows about it and that was the reason directors and crew members decided to make a movie on such incidents which India was proud of and people do not know about the time when it happened. So directors and producers want to make every Indian aware and proud of things which they should be.

In the Maidaan movie, they majorly tried to show football and showed one incident in Melbourne, where the Indian football team went to the Olympics and there how the Indian team lost because of a goal. This is only one incident but in the movie, they have shown many factors and characteristics of the era. The Indian team lost because they scored one goal by themselves in the semi-final.

The movie not only shows the winning or losing of a football match but also indicates one emotional factor which is family. In the movie they have given importance and included the family of each and every player so that they feel good and proud of their sons. You must have thought that every movie by Ajay Devgn has action so in this movie as well it should be action but you are wrong in this movie there is the least amount of action has been shown.

The movie has a characteristic of emotional comedy as well as how they fight against everyone to reach the Olympics. Overall rating of the Maidaan movie is very high and reviews are very good as people like to watch it.

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Maidaan is a wonderful movie and that you must have gotten to know by the ratings of different platforms like IMDB, people’s live reviews when they went to watch the movie in the theatre. You must be aware of the fact that after releasing in the theatres, movies generally stream on over-the-top (OTT) platforms so that everyone can watch the movie and enjoy it very nicely.

There are a lot of advantages of OTT or online platforms of which you all must be aware but let me tell you why they made online platforms. The reason for them making the online platforms is that in this busy world, people do not have time to go to watch movies in theaters and everyone knows that after the Covid-19 pandemic, people preferred to watch movies staying at home on their TV screens .

Nowadays people started going to watch movies in theaters again but theaters and OTT platforms are on the same page because half audiences went to watch in theaters and half audiences watch it on OTT platforms. Generally, OTT platforms release those movies on a first come first basis and the reviews are best and great because people are eager to watch the movie. They also release movies that are less popular but it takes more time than the popular ones. Some of the OTT platforms are mentioned below:

  • amazon prime video
  • netflix
  • zee5
  • Voot
  • disney plus hotstar
  • sony liv
  • MX Player

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