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Indian Predator Release Date: The Indian Predator web series The Butcher of Delhi is a psychological crime thriller based on the true story of Chandrakant Jha, the serial killer of Ayesha Sood, and will soon be announced on the online platform on Netflix. This article describes the announcement date of Butcher in Delhi, an Indian stalker web series on Netflix. It is a harrowing real-life crime story, has a star-studded cast, and also provides a review of the series.

The author of this web series did not mention him, but he also brutally murdered many people, dumped their dismembered body parts in Delhi, instigated and challenged the Delhi Police to catch him, because of The Indian Predator. The story is very similar to his case. Eventually, he was sentenced to death in 2013. Here are all the details about Indian Hunter: Delhi Season 2 announcement date.

indian predator release date

There is no statement yet for Season 2 of Indian Predators Web Series: The Butcher in Delhi. The Indian Predator web series directed by Ayesha Sood will start streaming on July 20. Director Ayesha Sood describes her criminal investigation as follows: India’s non-fiction space is ever-evolving and I am glad to be a part of it to create an interesting story. As a filmmaker, I am with each and every project I develop. By trying to learn and understand the story of this web series and the resulting research, I was able to learn a lot about the human psyche and the legal system.

It was going to shake the nation but I am very much waiting to bring in this online platform of Netflix documentary web series an event which was ignored. The intimidating, nervous yet compelling Indian Predator web series details the sequence of events that led to the serial killer’s arrest in the Indian capital through his interrogation and reporting. The tireless crew and cast didn’t even mind drinking hot tea when the shoot was happening at 3 am in Bihar and Delhi. Well, make Indian Predator web series. I faced a lot of adversity when I was there, but I feel like I did something really worthwhile, that’s in it.

indian hunter story

The Indian Predator release date has been announced as 20th July 2022. The cold-blooded killer complained to Delhi with discontent and fear of his mental system. While the police were always trying to figure out the serial killer, the monstrous killers left everyone confused and sent shivers down their spine. Indian Predator Web Series: The Butcher in Delhi Uncovers His Soul and Reveals What Really Happened. The recorded web series details the sequence of events that led to the arrest of this brutal killer who dismembered victims and scattered their body parts across the city.

The killer was followed by cats and rats and there was an urgency for the police to catch the killers before they claimed the next victim. The Indian Stalker series: Delhi Butcher covers Delhi Police’s battle against time to spot, follow up on the case, arrest the culprit, and find out the reasons behind his actions.

Jha was also a maniac who used to target young migrant laborers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. He had earlier murdered and dismembered the bodies of seven victims in west Delhi between 1998 and 2007, along with friends.

He was found guilty of 3 counts of manslaughter and received 2 death sentences and life imprisonment until his death in 2013. His death sentence was commuted in January 2016 to life imprisonment without remission.

indian predator release date 2022

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indian hunter description

series name indian hunter
streaming partner Netflix
OTT release date TBA
theatrical release date 20 July 2022
article category Entertainment
mold Altaf Hussain

Manjeet Singh

Jitendra Sharma

Sanjay Bansal

bunny officer

Mukesh Pandey

Joginder Sharma

Himanshu Kumar

Saurabh Kumar


Nikhil Raj

director Ayesha Sood
Dialect Hindi

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The Indian Predator official trailer release

The Indian Predator trailer talks about the serial killer, who beheaded the murderers and left their bodies at the gates of Tihar Jail in the state capital. Along with her body, he left a message to the police, asking them to execute and capture her if possible. We have also heard from some of the people involved in solving the case that they have never seen such a heinous crime in their many years of service.

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star cast

  • Altaf Hussain
  • Manjeet Singh
  • Jitendra Sharma
  • Sanjay Bansal
  • bunny officer
  • Mukesh Pandey
  • Joginder Sharma
  • Himanshu Kumar
  • Saurabh Kumar
  • menu
  • Nikhil Raj

indian hunter oat release date

The first part is available on Netflix from 20th July 2022 and now the online platform has also revealed the announcement date of the upcoming volume. Diary of a Serial Killer will start streaming on the online platform on Netflix from 7th September. So mark your calendars and get a paid subscription on the OTT platform, if you want to watch this Indian Predator web show.

Indian Predator The Butcher Of Delhi Cast & Wiki

Currently, we do not have much details about the cast of Indian Predator web series as the movie maker has not provided the data. According to IMBD there is a cast named Sangram Singh Thakur.

Indian Predator The Butcher Of Delhi Review

As the Indian Predator web series is not yet announced so it is so difficult to give a review but as per the trailer we can say that Indian Predator web series is definitely going to win your heart. We will give you a deep notification when Indian hunter web series will be announced till then you can join our telegram channel for quick updates.

How can I watch Indian Hunter?

We can watch Indian Predator web series on the online platform of Netflix. If you want to watch it, you can buy a paid subscription for it.

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