How to grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

If you’ve ever been mesmerized by the unique and mind-expanding effects of gender envy mushrooms, you might want to try growing them yourself. Well, grab your favorite comfy chair, kick back and join me on a relaxing and enlightening journey into this magical art of mushroom cultivation. We’ll go through it step by step, so no worries if you’re a beginner. Let’s start!

Understanding the mushroom of gender envy

Picture this: Gender jealousy is like the rock star of the mushroom fungus world. With their crisp stems and small caps, they stand out in the crowd.

But it’s not just their appearance that’s impressive—it’s their strength Psychedelic effects That has enthusiasts buzzing.

So, if you’re ready to take on a transformative experience, cultivating this remarkable mushroom could be your ticket to a whole new level of self-discovery.

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Choosing the right growing environment

How the gender envy mushroom grows

How the gender envy mushroom grows

Creating the perfect hangout spot for your gender envy mushrooms is crucial to their success. They want a relaxed, controlled environment, like their own little private VIP club. Consider setting up a grow room or a dedicated grow tent, where you can easily control temperature and humidity levels. That way, you’ll give your mushrooms the VIP treatment they deserve.

Collect necessary supplies and equipment

Well, time to gather your mushroom-growing arsenal! You will need some essential equipment for this magical journey. First, mushroom spores or cultures – make sure they are from a reliable source

Next, think about the substrate (fancy word for growing medium) – brown rice flour and vermiculite make an excellent choice for our venerable Penny’s NV mushrooms.

Don’t forget the pressure cooker for sterilizing, containers for the growing process, a trusty hygrometer to measure humidity, and a misting bottle to keep things moist and toasty.

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Finding sex envy mushroom spores

Now, where can you get your hands on those precious penis envy mushroom spores? well Internet Your friend! Find reputable online vendors or join mushroom growing communities, where fellow growers can point you in the right direction.

Just remember to play by the rules and stay within legal limits when obtaining spores or cultures. Safety first, my friend!

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Preparing the substrate for cultivation

Time to prepare the VIP lounge for your mushrooms! Grab that brown rice flour and vermiculite mix and get ready to create the ultimate nutritional heaven for your fungal friends. But hold on – before you go any further, sterilize the substrate to give your mushrooms a clean slate to thrive on. No party-crashing pollutants allowed!

Inoculate the substrate with spores

Alright, let’s get this party started! Take your sterile substrate and introduce those precious penis envy mushroom spores. Think of it as a blind date – the spore and substrate have to mix and get to know each other. Give them some space and time to bond. Soon, you’ll see the magic happen as the mycelium (fungal threads) begin to grow and weave their way through the substrate. It’s a beautiful sight, my friend!

Maintain optimal growing conditions

Now, let’s talk about giving your mushrooms the perfect environment to thrive. Temperature, humidity and light are key factors here. Keep the environment comfortable and harmonious, like a spa retreat for your mushrooms.

Regular misting helps maintain proper humidity levels, and a trusty hygrometer helps you monitor humidity. Your mushrooms will feel right at home in no time!

Collecting and storing gender envy mushrooms

Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for – harvest time! Once the mushroom caps are fully expanded and neatly separated from the bottom of the curtain, it’s showtime. With gentle care, twist and lift those beauties off the substrate. Now, what to do with your precious bounty? You can store them in a cool, dry place for short-term use or keep them dry for long-term storage and future adventures.

Step-by-step guide to growing gender envy mushrooms

Growing gender envy mushrooms can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions to begin your journey into cultivating this unique and powerful mushroom:

Step 1: Gather the necessary supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all your supplies ready. Here is a list of what you will need:

– Sex envy mushroom spores or cultures

– Substrate materials (usually a mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite)

– Pressure cooker or other sterilization method

– Growing containers (eg jars or plastic bags)

– Hygrometer (for measuring humidity)

– Misting bottle

– Spray bottle

– Clean work area and gloves

Step 2: Prepare the substrate

Prepare the substrate by combining the appropriate proportions of brown rice flour and vermiculite. A typical ratio is 2 parts brown rice flour to 1 part vermiculite. Mix them well in a clean bowl.

Step 3: Sterilize the substrate

To ensure a sterile environment for your mushroom growth, you need to sterilize the substrate. Fill your pressure cooker with water, place the substrate-filled containers inside and seal the pressure cooker. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for sterilization, usually at about 15 PSI for 90 minutes.

Step 4: Inoculate the substrate

After sterilization, allow the substrate to cool to room temperature. Now it’s time to inoculate the penis with envy mushroom spores or cultures. Using sterile technique, open the spore syringe or carefully transfer the culture to the substrate. Inject the spores or distribute the culture evenly across the substrate.

Step 5: Incubation

Seal the container with a breathable lid or cover with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Keep the inoculated containers in a dark and warm environment, ideally 75-80°F (24-27°C). Maintain high humidity by regularly misting the inside of the pot to create a humid environment.

Step 6: Monitor and wait

Check your container regularly to ensure proper humidity levels and monitor mycelium growth. Within a few days or weeks, you will begin to see white mycelium spread throughout the layers. This indicates successful colonization.

Step 7: Induce Fruiting

Once the substrate is fully colonized with mycelium, it is time to induce fruiting. Lower the temperature slightly to about 70-75°F (21-24°C). Inject light into the growing area using a 12-hour light cycle, providing indirect light. This can be achieved using a fluorescent or LED grow light.

Step 8: Maintain Fruit Condition

Continue to mist the growing container to maintain humidity. Monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels as needed. Mushrooms will begin to form primordia, which will eventually grow into mature mushrooms. Be patient as this process can take several weeks.

Step 9: Harvesting

Once the mushroom caps are fully expanded and separated from the stems, they are ready to be harvested. Pull the mushrooms off the substrate by gently twisting them. Harvest them separately as they mature, leaving the smaller ones to continue to grow.

Step 10: Storage and Enjoyment

Store your harvested mushrooms in a cool, dry place or consider drying them for long-term storage. Enjoy your penis envy mushrooms responsibly, following dosage recommendations and any legal regulations in your area.

Remember, mushroom cultivation requires attention to cleanliness, proper sterilization, and maintaining optimal conditions. With patience and care, you can experience the joy of growing your own gender envy mushroom.


Congratulations, my fellow growers! You’ve embarked on a cool and enlightening journey into the world of Penny’s Envy Mushroom Farming. Remember, this process is all about embracing the magic of fungi and creating a comfortable, nurturing environment for your mushrooms to thrive. Enjoy the experience, be patient and always respect the laws and regulations surrounding mushroom cultivation. Now, go ahead and let the zen of mushroom farming guide you to an extraordinary experience!

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