Do Revenge Release Date Netflix, Story, Star Cast, When Will Be Release?

Karo Revenge Release Date : The movie is currently one of the most swinging series with one episode after another being announced. And it will be releasing on 16 September 2022.

The plot of Do Revenge, an upcoming dark comedy about two kids who team up to destroy each other’s oppressors, is set in the Netflix universe. Dream, portrayed by Riverdale’s Camila Mendes, who desires to exact vengeance on her boyfriend for uploading her sexual video, and Eleanor, portrayed by Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke, who is labeled a social outcast When a girl spreads a story she tried to control. down on her and kiss her. In this sparkling Hitchcock-ian-style comedy, the pair reunite and agree to make up for each other’s bad deeds.

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Those who are in search of Doo Revenge movie announcement date and time can check this title. There are various characters in the picture, let us consider the declared date of the picture. Is the film getting a theatrical announcement or is it hitting an online platform. Are you thinking of watching this movie online? Continue reading to know all the details about Revenge’s announcement.

Dream (Camila Mendes), a popular high school diva, and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), a shy new join who is unhappy to learn that she must now go to school with her old tormentor, become secret friends seeking revenge. On other’s oppressors.

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movie name take revenge
streaming partner Netflix
release date 16 September 2022
director jennifer kaitin robinson
article category Entertainment
mold camila mendes

maya hawk

Rish Shah

sophie turner

Austin Abrams

Eliza Bennett

alisha bow

Talia Ryder

Paris Berelc

Jonathan Davis

maia refico

ava capri

the creator Jennifer Caitlin Robinson, Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron
Language English


Dream is at the peak of her high school powers when her whole life goes up in flames after her sex tape is leaked to the entire school, in her face by her boyfriend and school king Max. Eleanor is an awkward new transfer student who is thrown out to find that she now has to go to school with her old bully, Carissa, who started a nasty gossip about her at summer camp when they were 13. Were. After a secret race in tennis, Camp, Dream and Eleanor form an unlikely and secretive friendship to tit-for-tat each other’s bullies

take revenge Jennifer is an upcoming American black comedy film starring Katrin Robinson, who co-wrote the film with Celeste Ballard. It stars Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Rish Shah, Sophie Turner and Austin Abrams. The plot was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.

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Do Revenge Official Trailer

Watch the trailer below where Sapna and Eleanor team up to avenge each other. trailer for take revenge was coming to netflix 9 August 2022.

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star cast

  • Austin Abrams
  • alisha bow
  • Rish Shah
  • Talia Ryder
  • ava capri
  • Jonathan Davis
  • maia refico
  • Paris Berelc
  • sophie turner

What is revenge about?

take revenge is a dark comedy where 2 fallen students decide to bring down each other’s goons. In Hitchcock’s film, 2 inquisitors meet for the first time on a train, one of them a psychopath who proposes that they be killed, the reason being that neither of them will be caught by the authorities.

it’s safe to say take revenge Likely to follow the same story arc, fuel some unexpected twists and turns in your malice. High school diva Dream (Camila Mendes), whose sex tape is outlawed by her popular boyfriend, and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), a shy new inductee, who is furious to learn that she now has to go to school with her old bully. Yes, let those who persecute each other become secret friends to get tit for tat.

What is the plot of Do Revenge?

The official platform Netflix synopsis reads: “After a secret rendezvous beloved, Dream (Alpha, Fall It Girl) and eleanor (Beta, the new Alt Girl) come together to chase down each other’s tormentors. do revenge movie A warped Hitchcock-ian dark comedy featuring the scariest supporters of all: teenage girls.

while talking to Ellie(opens in new tab)helmed Jennifer Caitlin Robinson said of the picture. I think there are different points in this story where everyone is the villain and everyone is the hero. I wanted to create something that would paint with all the colors of teenagers.

Starting production for Revenge?

helmed and co-writer Robinson was already behind the project and was inspired by the strange on a train,

The casting of Mendes and Hawke, the two main cast members, was announced in November 2020 itself. Filming for the project completed in August 2021, with most of the principal photography scheduled in Los Angeles.

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