Dark Desire Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, How to Watch on NetFlix Online?

Dark Desire Season 2 is the sequel to the top rated and award winning TV series, Dark Desire. The second season of Mexican drama Dark Desire is set to arrive on Netflix. Season One debuted on Netflix in July 2020 and is now one of the most popular non-English shows out there. It has received 3.5 crore (35 million) views within 28 days of its release date. Dark Desire’s second season arrives on Netflix in 2022. The second season of Dark Desire will soon be available for all of us to watch online.

dark desire season 2

Dark Desire started off as one of the surprise releases of the year, debuting on Netflix in July 2020. The show has become a worldwide sensation and is watched all over the world. This series of the show has been watched by many people even though they are not in English as there are subtitles on the screen as well as voice-over translations in other languages ​​which can be heard playing on Netflix along with it. Can’t understand English or want to see what is being said.

Netflix released 18 episodes of the thrilling drama series originated from Mexico by Argos Comunicación. It answered a lot of questions but left some loose ends for future episodes to tie up. Furthermore, Season 2 is now just around the horizon with a worldwide premiere on Netflix in February 2022.

dark desire season 2 netflix full episodes

dark desire season 2 netflix highlights

web series name dark desire
Season 2
first season release date 15 July 2020
second season release date 2 February 2022
main characters Mite Peroni, Alejandro Spitzer, Eric Heiser and Jorge Poza
telecast on Netflix
Style thriller drama and erotic thriller
Social class Entertainment
official site www.netflix.com

dark desire season 2 release date

Netflix has released a TV series Dark Desire Season 2 in February 2022. The series is released on Netflix on February 2, 2022. The first season of Dark Desire has been announced for Netflix in July 2020. We count down how many more seasons there must be before the next one airs on TV or is released on Netflix.

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Dark Desire’s season one continues and it just keeps getting better with each episode, with more people watching it every week and also with a higher total viewership every year. The latest season of the show has been very popular, and it is still being watched over and over again on Netflix. The compelling story is another reason why people want to know more about this film series so that they can find out what happens next!

dark desire 2 star cast

star cast role name
Maite Perroni alma solares
Eric Heiser esteban solares
alejandro spitzer dario guerra
Regina Pavone zoe solares
George Poza leonardo solares
Paulina Matos edith ballesteros
maria fernanda yepes Brenda Castillo
Catherine Siachuk lis antoine
Ariana Saavedra Juliet Lazcano
arturo barba It’s unclear who Arturo will play in the second season, but we can’t wait to see what he brings to the mystery series.

Dark Desire Season 2 OTT Platform

We’ll try to find a way to stream it online if we can. In the meantime, you can get Netflix from another platform and use that as your source instead. The show can be streamed online on Netflix after its release in 2022. Dark Desire Season 2 will be released on February 2, 2022, with Netflix stacking up the shows to watch at random times before airing all the episodes of that season. ,dark desire season 2

When will the new episodes be on Netflix?

Dark Desire Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix. It consists of 15 episodes, making it three shorter than the first season of the films.

Netflix has already confirmed that the official release date of Dark Desire season 2 will be in February of 2022 as per the recent announcement about the upcoming shows and movies on their blog page.

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dark desire season 2 plot

In the Dark Desires season 1 finale, it was revealed that Esteban had previously brought Dario to sexually assault Alma because he hated his brother and wanted to ruin his marriage with her. Esteban was very fond of Alma and they had a good relationship before Dario got involved. But later, it starts to get complicated due to her growing attraction to her co-worker, the sexy professor.

The show has us believe that Dario was killed by Esteban because they were not following through with their plan. When Esteban learns that Dario also loves Anna, he is convinced that the former killed the latter, just as he killed Brenda after their affair was discovered. The ending revealed that Dario returns, ready to cause more trouble for the cast of the series. In this a new story line opens with him. Based on what we’ve seen from the trailer, it looks like Dario is going to date someone else this season. He might even get married!

As Alma tries to control her desires for Dario, she will likely struggle internally again. We might even find out who really killed Brenda (or did she commit suicide?).

Will there be a Dark Desire season 3?

Dark Desire will end after Season 2. Netflix released a trailer for Season 2 in 2021, which shows there won’t be another one after that year. So, it looks like the show will end with everyone being happy and everything being done neatly. Will Dario and Alma live happily ever after? Will someone else die before the story ends? We’ll find out soon enough.


Dark Desire Season 2 is a unique, dark and thrilling drama. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. There are some graphic scenes which may disturb some viewers. Here you will see Who Really Killed Juliet? What was Lise’s role in Juliet’s death? Does Dario have a twin? How does Dark Desire season 2 end?

Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix’s Dark Desire

How can I learn more about Dark Desire Season 2?

Dark Desire Season 2 is an upcoming dark romance anime series that will be released in 2022. To know more about the series, you can visit the official website of Netflix or follow the show on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your review of Dark Season 2 (Netflix series)?

I loved Dark Season 2! It was action packed and full of suspense from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The characters were well written and I felt like I knew them by the end of the season. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a good thriller to watch.

What time will Dark Desire Season 2 release on Netflix?

Netflix shows have a habit of premiering around the world at specific times, and Dark Desire is no exception. Netflix will release Dark Desire in full on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

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