Dance Deewane Juniors Winners List

Dance Deewane Juniors- Dance Deewane Junior 2023 (DDJ Season 1) on Colors TV has made a grand start with the top 15 selected contestants. The audition round of Dance Deewane Juniors Season 1 begins on April 23, 2022. Our judges, Neetu Singh, Nora Fatehi and Marzi Pestonji, were impressed by the dancing skills of each aspiring participant. We selected the top 15 hardcore dancers among them and divided them into three teams (aka gangs). These contestants will compete each week to make it to the top 7 of Dance Deewane Junior by winning the dance battle.

Dance Deewane Juniors

On Sunday, the final night of the show, Aditya Patil emerged victorious as the winner of the inaugural season of Dance Deewane Juniors. The trophy and twenty lakh in cash went to the youngster, who was then only eight years old. Along with judges Neetu Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Marzi Pestonji, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan participated in the final competition.

Aditya defeated the All-Stars duo of Prateek Kumar Naik and Geet Kaur Bagga to win the competition. The young artist, who showed promise, was the first finalist of the contest and quickly became a fan favorite. Aditya was a crew member of Prateek Utekar. His willingness to experiment with a variety of musical styles impressed the judges and the audience. Judge Neetu Kapoor also often displayed her affection for the child. Aditya, a fan of Tiger Shroff, had casually said that he named his six pack after the films in which the actor had appeared.

Dance Deewane Juniors

Dance Deewane Juniors Overview

Dance Deewane Junior Elimination News

1. Anshika Dhara Twelve years Solo gang frost annihilated
(3 July 2022)
2. Aditya Patil 8 years Solo gang symbol the winner
3. Riddhi Thakkar 6 years Solo gang frost annihilated
(9 July 2022)
4. MD Raish 10 years Solo gang sonali annihilated
(3 July 2022)
5. all stars 7-13 years Group gang frost Final
6. Prateek Kumar Naik 13 years Solo gang symbol Final
7. Geet Kaur Bagga 6 years Solo gang sonali 1st runner up
8. Yash and Aaradhya 11-12 years Pair gang frost annihilated
(5 June 2022)
9. Priyanshi Kanerjee 10 years Solo gang sonali annihilated
(19 June 2022)
10. Falak Saifi 8 years Solo gang frost annihilated
(19 June 2022)
11. c company 9-13 years Group gang symbol annihilated
(19 June 2022)
12. Ranjuna Das 10 years Solo gang sonali annihilated
(5 June 2022)
13. Arnav Talukdar 10 years Solo gang symbol annihilated
(5 June 2022)
14. ops crew 8-14 Years Group gang symbol annihilated
(19 June 2022)
15. classical queens 9-14 years Group gang sonali annihilated
(19 June 2022)

Dance Deewane Junior Dance Battle – Top 7

The final dance battle between MD Raish from gang Sonali, Anshika from gang Tushar, and Prateek from gang Prateek took place on June 19, 2022. The judges decided that there would be a Top 7 instead of a Top 6, and this final battle was won by all three teams. The next dance battle will be between Gang Tushar’s All Stars and Gang Sonali’s MD Raish on June 12, 2022. At the end MD Raish was declared the winner and he also secured his place in the top 6.

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The subsequent dance battle between the three gangs took place on June 5, 2022. In the end, Gang Tushar wins. Anshika was ranked sixth by the judges among the Gang Tushar winners. Stay tuned with us for the latest information about Dance Deewane Juniors Season 1.

dance deewane juniors winners list

S.No show name the winner Runner
1. Dance Deewane Juniors Aditya Patil Geet Kaur Bagga

Aditya Patil, the winner of Colors TV’s Dance Deewane, was presented with a trophy and 20 lakhs. Season 2 is finally here, but this time the focus and direction of the story has changed. Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 will premiere in 2022. The independent production is specially designed for children between the ages of four and fourteen.

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Dance Deewane Juniors FAQs

Who is the winner of Dance Deewane Junior?

Eight-year-old Aditya Patil has won the dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors. He wants to build a new house with the prize money of Rs 20 lakh. Aditya Patil won Dance Deewane Juniors.

Who is the second winner of Dance Deewane Juniors?

The winner of Dance Deewane Juniors is Aditya Patil, who got the trophy and Rs 20 lakh. View Photos | Entertainment News, The Indian Express.

Is Dance Deewane scripted?

This show is completely scripted every single line move step is scripted and not real. The judges are only set to define the contestants on acting.

Why is Madhuri not in Dance Deewane?

Madhuri apparently opted to be out for a couple of weeks due to some personal commitments, but she will be back soon.

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