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Bollywood Hindi Movies Download FilmyZilla: It is very difficult to break a chain of piracy but if everyone is ready then we can definitely break it. Most of the movie’s post-theatrical copyrights are brought before the movies get released so people can easily watch the movies on their OTT platforms.

Filmyzilla website has a collection of the latest movies and upcoming movies like Bholaa, Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar, Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, Selfiee, Dasara, and many more movies.

Bholaa Hindi movie download Filmyzilla

Bholaa Hindi movie download Filmyzilla website represents the story not only of Ajay Devgn but of the Banaras, a lot of scenes of Abhishek Bachchan can also be seen in the Bholaa movie. In the trailer and teaser of the Bholaa movie, they have not shown the full face of Abhishek Bachchan but it is quite predicted.

For this franchise or universe or for the Bholaa series, Abhishek Bachchan is going to be a big daddy for it. Maybe in the theatres, we can see him and they haven’t seen his face in the trailer or teaser so that they can give us the shock and surprise both at the same time. Those skeleton hands of Blue color and everything is the personality and a part of the character of Abhishek Bachchan.

As we know that Bholaa movie is the remake of the Kaithy movie and in that movie as well, the big daddy of the world never meets the hero of the movie. Now there comes the twist and confusion because in one scene of the trailer of the Bholaa movie, they have shown Bholaa doing religious rituals at Ghats and everything is in Banaras.

Moreover, in the clip of him with his lover, he is protecting her at the Ghats only. And another thing is that, most of Abhishek Bachchan’s shots which have been shot exclusively in the Ghats of Banaras only. It is a great coincidence that Bholaa is going to prison and after returning from prison he has been attacked by his own gang or this could be the intentional acts as well

Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar Hindi movie download from Filmyzilla

Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar Hindi movie download from the Filmyzilla website shows it is important that a couple of fights with each other. The cameos in the movie are so surprising that you must have seen them. The extended and great cameo was of Boney Kapoor. Boney Kapoor performed really great in the movie.

The theme or you can say underlined of the movie is trying to show real life that people of different personalities, couples who are fighting, families who have a different points of view and opinions, people who mix with everyone, other people do not feel like mixing with people at all and why more things. People think that the character of Tinni is bad but it is not at all bad.

The character of Tinni is represented as a really mature and great girl who doesn’t want to give a choice to her boyfriend that you have to choose me or your family because she understands that Micky loved his family a lot and he only gets happiness from his family if he got separated from his family they don’t have any idea that if he will be happy or not.

In the fight before the climax when they were about to break up, they are discussing who has to adjust and how. Mickey said at that point in time I don’t want to be the reason that you lose something in your life that is your want or need.

Filmyzilla Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Hindi movie download

kind of movie by watching it you will just forget your real world and you will feel like this is the world in which you live. You will feel like whatever is going on the screen is the real world.

The name of the movie is complex and you will feel like what this movie is about but while watching the movie, you will definitely feel like you know. It is for sure that you will cry while watching the Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway movie and will feel very emotional. You must have heard about the story of the king and the parrot that the life of the king is in the parrot, if you kill the parrot then the king will die automatically.

Just like that in the story of the movie, we have two parrots who are kids of Rani Mukharji. In the movie, we don’t have a king but a queen. They have made a lot of movies but this movie is really unique and different. Think about the situation where you are in a different country and both of your children just got kidnapped and when you go to the police, they will make you suspect.

In the end, it will be law, constitution, police, and system and on the other hand, it will be you. You have to fight against the system. The movie is about a mother who is fighting against the whole nation. Although, the mother of children is mentally not at all stable and it is loved that she does not have good health. By the last sentence, you must also have changed your point of view and that is the thing which can make a lot of twists and turns.

Selfie Hindi movie Filmyzilla download

Abhimanyu Singh who is playing the role of Suraj in the Selfiee movie has played really smartly and nicely. Imraan Hashmi also performed fabulously in the movie. Being an RTO officer, he was the perfect one and his looks also say the same about him that he is the one who should be an RTO officer. If we talk about actresses then definitely, the character of Nushrat was quite good.

She doesn’t have that much role or you can say the major role in the movie but yes in part of the movie she played really well. This movie is the perfect example where the media do not only use celebrities or famous people but also the common man or people just to run their multi-billion business.

In the movie, the villain is not any person, people, or anyone else but the media which is in the race of running or staying behind. They showcase things as a big matter and definitely due to that misunderstanding among people will be increased.

People have to think that we are actually thinking about the issue or we are being brainwashed by the media who are making us insecure about everything and forcing us to think. In the movie, they tried to show how some writers write so brutally and insensitively that you can’t even imagine.

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