Best Women Centric Roles On OTT Platform

Best Female – Focused Roles on OTT Platform – According to a study by Women in Film and Television, women will make up 52% ​​of lead characters on streaming programs in 2023, but 45% on broadcast network programs. Several women are playing lead roles in a short web sequence in India, even though a figure is not immediately available. The audience is appreciating her for her bold new roles which are bringing her to the fore.

Techs that are relevant to today’s times are one step ahead of bringing a noticeable change in how the trajectory of women’s representation on screen is being shaped to their potential. Women are no longer constrained to groove on melodious songs and fall in love with the lead actor within the allotted amount of screen time. These days, women are only allowed to play the peripheral role of being eye-candy. Today’s actresses are in limelight, and how?

Best Female – Focused Roles on OTT Platform

AT The Demonstrations the female protagonist has been re-imagined with a different perspective. The heroine’s previously untapped qualities have become apparent as the spotlight shines on her digital skills, which had previously gone unnoticed. Raji (Samantha) in The Family Man 2, Suchitra Tiwari (Priyamani) in The Family Man Period, and Sherni (Vidya Balan) in Sherni have all impressed fans with their portrayal of female-centric roles. Over the past several years, the roles of women in online television programs/movies have been heavily promoted. In recent times, we have seen some strong on-screen representation of women in the digital space.

The opportunities for lead heroines have increased dramatically as a result of the growth of OTT platforms. Today’s top actresses refuse to cower in ridicule for accepting roles that don’t allow them to use their craft to its full potential. Women-centric shows are fast becoming a chef’s kiss to an already exciting piece of writing, ready to be directed and made into a watchable extravaganza with endless content at regular intervals. For all you OTT fans looking forward to Women’s Day, here are some of our top picks that will make your celebration even more special.

Best Female-Oriented Role

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Best Female – Focused Roles on OTT Platform

OTT platforms are fast becoming the preferred destination for women to watch television shows and movies. In this blog, we will discuss the best women-centric roles on OTT platforms and how you can get involved. We’ll cover topics such as female leads, roles for women in comedy and female-led drama, and offer tips on finding and auditioning for these roles. Whether you are a fan of women-centric television shows or just looking to get involved in the TV industry, this blog is for you. So read on to know about the best female-centric roles on the OTT platform and how to get involved!

Delhi Crime (2019)

Due to how great the show is, the fact that the Indian Netflix series Delhi Crime won the International Emmy Award for Drama Series came as no surprise. The show, another tamasha fronted by Shefali Shah, is based on the unfortunate Nirbhaya gang rape of 2012 that took place in Delhi. Everyone may know the main point of this heart-wrenching story, but Delhi Police’s efforts during the investigation are still under the radar. The show is a must watch as Shefali Shah plays the role of the Chief Inspector in the case. A female policewoman needs conviction to solve the case of a ruthless rapist, while she narrates the harrowing scenes of the crime. It takes sheer tenacity and guts. Shefali Shah excels in this role precisely because of this. Rasika Dugal, Adil Hussain and Rajesh Tailang also play important roles in the show.

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delhi crime

Four More Shots Please (2019)

Female friendships are often cited as the most important source of support. Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kriti Kulhari, and Maanvi, the four female leads of the show, make a strong case for female friends who support each other through thick and thin. Due to the strict script requirements of the show, the show has received criticism for being a chick-flick. The subtle patriarchy that is blossoming very clearly in the Indian sub-context seems to be explained by the high-end fashionable clothes and the way wealthy and successful women live their lives. However, perceptions are everything, and this light-hearted OTT release will undoubtedly be noticed for its excellent portrayal of the beauty of female friendship.

Four More Shots Please (2019)

Arya (2020)

Since her time as Miss Universe in the past, it is widely known that Sushmita Sen is a formidable competitor. However, it was refreshing to see the former model exploring her full acting potential with Aarya on OTT. In this Hotstar web series, which was based on the Dutch show Penoza, Sushmita Sen played the lead character Arya to perfection. She portrays a strong mother who lives a cliche dream life with a beautiful home, loving husband and doting kids. From the outside, everything appears to be in perfect condition. However, her life takes a different turn when the sudden death of her husband forces her into the shady family business.

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The show depicts a woman going through a significant change in her life when she is forced to change her personality. As the show progresses, we see her character evolve into the grit and unwavering confidence that is the core of Arya Sareen’s personality. Season 2 was recently released and received equal praise for its brilliance due to its massive success.

Arya (2020)

Masaba Masaba (2020)

Masaba Gupta, the talented designer daughter of veteran actress Neena Gupta, forays into the world of OTT thanks to this part-fiction, part-real series. Neena Gupta has always spoken about the difficulties she faced as a single mother with a failed career. The story revolves around a fiercely independent daughter and her nosy, controlling mother, who are constantly at each other’s throats with new arguments. However, as she strives to succeed in the fashion design industry, her mother is also her biggest advocate. In her OTT debut, Masaba Gupta plays herself and breaks free from the restrictions imposed by societal norms as a divorcee.

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Masaba Masaba (2020)

Bombay Begums (2021)

Another masterpiece produced by Netflix stars Pooja Bhatt who brilliantly portrays the character given to her. With unwavering support from actresses like Shahana Goswami, Amrita Subhash, and Plabita Borthakur, the female-led show excels in both plot and acting. The show exposes the oppressive patriarchy that seems to be gripping Mumbai, the city of dreams. There are a variety of experiences and challenges with the names of these four women. They seem to be constantly fighting against the modern malpractices that are so prevalent in the city, and the age-old traditions that, despite their inherent genius, limit their intelligence and abilities. Despite having a plot that is fictional, Bombay Begums exposes the harsh reality of sexism that women face despite being unwanted.

Bombay Begums (2021)

Aaranyak (2021)

Raveena Tandon made her OTT debut with the film Aranyak directed by Vinay Vyakul. The actress plays a dependable police officer as she investigates a murder in the fictional city of Sirona in this thrilling murder mystery. She plays the role of a dedicated police inspector who struggles to balance her personal and professional life. As a typical woman who sacrifices a prosperous future because she must spend more time at home as a woman, she puts her career ahead of duty. Along with fellow city-bred cop Angad, played by Parambrata Chatterjee, he is seen galavanting around, deciphering every clue of the mystery. The show is in the works for a second season thanks to its stellar performance; Raveena Tandon is now in charge.

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Aaranyak (2021)

Manav (2022)

Shefali Shah is a formidable actor who has established herself in the industry by portraying complex characters over a period of time. She has been basking in the glory of her OTT releases lately. The most recent is Humans, a bone-chilling account of human drug trials and the often-overlooked or willfully neglected side effects of those drugs. Shefali Shah brings to the fore her exceptional acting prowess in this multi-dimensional role as the best neurosurgeon Gauri Nath. She perfectly portrays her character’s complexity, vulnerability, and even downright unpredictability. The ship sails along with impeccable performance. The other main character in the show is Kirti Kulhari.

Manav (2022)


In this blog post, we have reviewed the different types of female-centric roles available on OTT platforms. We have also discussed the pros and cons of each role, and provided a concluding summary of the best female-centric roles on OTT platforms. We hope that this blog has helped you identify the best female-centric roles available on OTT platforms, and that you will be able to find a role that best suits your skills and interests. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, please feel free to contact us.

In this blog post, we have reviewed the best female-centric roles on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. We have looked at the wide variety of roles available on these platforms and analyzed which roles are best suited for women. We’ve also outlined the pros and cons of each role, and provided tips on how to find the right OTT platform for you and maximize your career potential in this fast-growing industry. So whether you are interested in becoming a content creator, marketer, or salesperson, read on to learn everything you need to know about these exciting career opportunities.

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